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Advanced Wellness & Rehabilitation Endermologie makes it possible to reduce the appearance of cellulite, produce a marked improvement in skin tone, and a decrease in the circumference of body areas after only a few weeks.

Designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite, Endermologie is the first non-invasive device approved by the FDA specifically for this purpose. Cellulite occurs when fat cells protrude from around the connective tissue that attaches skin to muscle-and tends to develop in almost 90% of women at some point. Before Endermologie, cellulite treatments generally met with mixed reactions: many people swear by creams and special diets, while doctors insisted that those products do not produce actual results. The latest craze in cellulite treatment is Endermologie, the brand name for a type of roller massage therapy that has been clinically proven to reduce and even erase the signs of cellulite.

How Long Does this Procedure Take? An Endermologie treatment usually takes 30 minutes to perform, but depending on the size and number of areas being treated, times may vary.

Endermologie Side Effects:

Endermologie is pain-free procedure with no side effects. Since your muscles are worked over like a massage, a slight soreness afterward is expected.

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“My sinus pain is gone, my energy is up and overall pain level is down!”

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“At first I had doubts but stuck it out, now I feel my age again. Work no longer hurts, my fiance is no longer my nurse. I am happy again.”

- C. Robertson

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