Chiropractic Testimonials

"I was suffering from chronic hip and leg pain. Through several massage, chiropractic and acupuncture treatments my pain has been greatly alleviated. I would like to thank the staff at Advanced Wellness for their exceptional care. I have especially benefited from the one-hour massage treatments from Greta Combs. She has been phenomenal at pinpointing pain and relaxing muscle, joints and tissues surrounding the problem area. Thank you Greta?"

- Anonymous

"I have been in so much pain for several years... Feet,hips, neck and sinuses; After 3 weeks of treatment in the Advanced Wellness & Rehab Clinic. My sinus pain is gone, my energy is up and overall pain level is down! Thank you to the Chiropractors and Acupuncturist who have helped me get back on the path to wellness!"

- M. Craig

"My name is Charlie, I had horrible back pains that would make it impossible for me to get out of bed most days. It effected my work, life, personal life and how I was treated by people at work. I constantly lifted weight, twisted my back and stood in uncomfortable positions. At home my fiance started acting like a nurse instead of the love of my life. None of these things were as bad as the constant depression caused by feeling eighty while I was still twenty. But in the end I had god show me that I was to be better again, by winning a contest I got my first visit free. At first I had doubts but stuck it out, now I feel my age again. Work no longer hurts, my fiance is no longer my nurse. I am happy again. You are here to get your back fixed, that means we have traveled the same road, and I promise there is an end to it, if you are willing to keep up at it and trust your doctor then you will remember that happy capable person never left your side, he just need help up over this challenge. I wish you luck who ever you are that reads this. You will be in my heart, get better."

- C. Robertson


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